Wireless Networking Midlands- wifi access points

Wireless Networking Midlands ~ Computer Services Associates Midlands are fully qualified and experienced in the design and installation of indoor and outdoor Wireless Networking Solutions. 

Our wireless networking service includes providing outdoor links between locations, allow them to run on the same network with distances up to 15km.

Further to this, we also provide solutions for internal WiFi applications. Our typical clients include homes, hotels, schools, colleges, and businesses. Our systems allow for over 200 concurrent users, providing speeds of up to 450Mbps in 2GHz and 1300 Mbps in 5GHz. We work closely with our clients with view to provide the best solution for each application.

We ensure that our installed wireless LANs deliver both sufficient coverage and the capacity to cope with the high demands on the users. Furthermore, our choice of wireless LANs offer security for both the system and to all users.

Benefits of Wireless Networking Midlands:

  • Gives the users the freedom to move around freely
  • Allows users to share files with user connected to the same network
  • Cheaper solution than laying cables
  • Easy to add extra devices
  • Revenue earners

We take pride in ensuring that high levels of service, quality, health and safety practices are adhered to through all stages of our projects. Our team of engineers are all have CSCS cards and are uniformed, personable and work in a professional manner. We often carry out installations in working environments, such as schools, busy offices and factories.

Our staff are trained on a regular basis to ensure they are all up to date with changing industry practices and cabling standards.